To export various types of components to custom data form, which can be imported back in to scene.

What Features?



Import / Export multiple skinCluster nodes from / to a .json file.

Control Curves

Export control shape information of selected curves to a .json file.
Import .json overwrites the shapes on existing transform nodes. If a node is not found, it will be created at origin.

Channel Status

Export channel status of selected nodes to .json file.
Import .json overwrites the channel status on existing nodes. If a node is not found, it will be skipped.

Set Driven Keys

Export set driven keys in the scene to a .json file.
Import .json overwrites existing set driven keys.


Export selected skeleton to a .json file.
Improt .json restores the skeleton, including custom attributes and their values.

Blend Shapes

Export / Import blend shape node to / from .bshp file.


Export the status of selected controls to a .json file.
Import .json restores that pose.